Getting started with jquery

So, you’re new to jquery, little confused, want to add some fancy slide and fadeout eyecandy to your website?

Okay, first things first, what is jquery? jquery is a condensed javascript library which helps simplify things, and makes it much easier to manipulate the DOM of a webpage. Many big websites use jquery, from Dell, NBC, to Microsoft. You can create effects such as, say if you have art gallery website, you can make the images fade in and out, or have a nice slideshow of the art. A quick example would be: $(‘#myimage’).fadeOut(’slow’);

This code would make an element fade out to nothing. Say, an image in your html with an id of “#myimage”. So, to get started:

Go to and download the latest version of Jquery. This should give you a file such as “jquery-1.4.2.min.js”.

This file should always go in the same directory as any webpage that will use Jquery.

In your html, you would include jquery in to your website by including a link to the jquery file in your head tag.

Example of including jquery in head

Okay, now we’ve included jquery, we can now start adding some fancy effects to your page. Go to: and learn how to create your first Jquery function!