Why you should get a website re-design by a professional designer

If you have an existing website but due to some reason it is not yielding the desired output and profits then you might consider getting a re-design. There can be many reasons behind this,  depending upon the area where your website lacks or needs improvement.


If your website suffers from inadequate navigation, then it might require re-designing in that part. Any visitor to your site should be able to access the information quickly and reach the intended web page in a maximum of three clicks from the main page. Many sites work on old navigation menus that utilize images that cannot be indexed by the search engines. As a result you have to convert the web pages into CSS cascading style sheets, because it loads speedily and is SEO friendly.


Content is considered king in terms of providing information about your company and its related products/services. After a certain time period your site content may not generate interest or capture attention of the visitors. In such a situation get it rewritten in a eye catching and appealing manner. You can complement the changed web content by re-designing your site so it gives a completely different look to your site.


Sometimes a website is not designed with search engines in mind. A site has to be search engine friendly in order to drive maximum net traffic to a web page. There are quite a few website designers that create a very good looking site but do not have knowledge about marketing.  In such situation you need to get your website re-designed,  applying search engine marketing techniques.


Websites that have been around a few years stand the chance of not being appealing to visitors, as a result even if they visit your site they might not make any purchase of products or services. In such a case, give a facelift to your website,  go for site re-designing that gives a modern and appealing look to your site.


If a site has slow loading web pages, it would lower down the ranking in search engines. Slower loading web pages affect ranking adversely. Some items that lower down a site’s speed can include big size images, code errors, multimedia files, slow server error and Adobe flash objects.


When a website is not interactive in nature, this needs to change to keep up with todays web.  Now-a-days, visitors demand a site to have sections such as blogs, comment pages, connectivity with social networking sites and so on.


This is all worth thinking about, and will help towards your websites success.